A Historic Speaker

Kevin is just latest in a Growing line of Failed Speakers run out by Their own Party


Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker after a historic 15 votes 100 years in the making and ousted by another historic vote 245 years in the making.

He was forced out of the Speaker’s office by his own party. Just like the four Republican Speakers before him.

Photo Credit: Kevin McCarthy became the first speaker removed by a U.S. House vote //Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

They were all forced out for not being conservative enough. And the crime of working with democrats. Kevin passed a CR with democratic support to keep the government running while he negotiated with “conservative” terrorist.

Rebulican Retribution for thier own Faiulure

We’ve been seeing this since Republicans began getting majorities in the House in the 1990s. The entire party has been hijacked in the decades since.

Republicans have been twisting themselves into pretzels to blame democrats for the ouster since last Tuesday’s vote.

“Let me say it again, the House of Representatives is frozen. And it’s frozen because Matt Gaetz was played like a drum by [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)], by Nancy Pelosi and others … with just eight Republicans getting together with 208 Democrats. Every single Democrat in this chamber threw out the Speaker of the House with only eight so-called Republicans,” Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.) told The Hill last Wednesday.

Even going as far as to suggest that democrats had a responsibility to save McCarthy’s Speakership.

As though Democrats should make another deal with a feckless. An untrustworthy man willing to debase himself for power just so that same pathetic man can keep his job.

To name just a few of Kevin’s trespasses, after democrats supplied most of the votes for the CR and then blamed them for a delay the next morning. This is of coursing ignoring that he reneged on a deal with the President last June on the budget.

Kevin McCarthy proved, repeatedly, that he could not be trusted and would be just as likely to work with the “opposition” as to stab them in the back.

The Ousted Speaker Club



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