The Left and Right Agree

Kevin McCarthy is a Weak Speaker


It’s not so much that Kevin McCarthy has no morals, shame, or beliefs. He doesn’t. But that’s not what makes him weak.

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The uniting point is that both sides agree he is the epitome of what EVERYONE hates.

He has no political moorings; he is willing to debase himself for power and he lies like the rest of us breathe.

And that’s just what drives the left crazy. The right hates him for similar reasons, but mostly because he isn’t extreme enough.

Kevin cares about how he is viewed. He wants to be remembered as a good speaker but is doing extraordinarily little to earn that distinction.

He wants to keep the government open, negotiate legislation, and use a Republican-controlled house to restrict the size of government.

Photo Credit: Kevin McCarthy during Jan 2023 Speaker Votes. // Chip Somodevilla, Getty

But he can’t do that if he isn’t in charge. And he can’t be in charge if he doesn’t have the Freedom Caucus’ support.

That’s the sticking point and is where he gets into trouble. He can’t have their support if he doesn’t adhere to their secret deal to make him Speaker.

By not bowing to their demands on the budget negotiations he is “out of compliance” with the agreement that made him speaker according to Matt Gaetz.

So, they’re cracking the whip. They want to have their demands met and are willing to shut down the government to get them.

It’s not just the pathetic political impeachment of Joe Biden they’ve been wanting since 2020. It’s also that they got out-maneuvered during the debt ceiling negotiations.

This is the tantrum that has been building all summer. And they are getting what they want because Kevin is a pathetic political animal.

He wants to remain Speaker and keep the trains running on time. But he has an absolutely batshit caucus of arsonists who just don’t care.

Kevin cares, if only about the appearance of being a good Speaker. He could be remembered as a good Speaker if he were willing to take them on.

But he won’t, because he’s afraid of them because he wants to keep the gavel and the big office.

A strong speaker wouldn’t care. If you have the votes, you have the votes. And Kevin could get the votes.

He could work with Democrats and moderate Republicans. But he won’t because he cares what the peanut gallery is saying.

And that’s why both sides hate him.

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